MSI Laptop Service/Repair Manuals
    name & model
MSI CR500 (MS-1683) AM
MSI CR500 (MS-1683) DM
MSI CR600 (MS-1683) AM
MSI CR600 (MS-1683) DM
MSI CX600 (MS-1682) AM
MSI CX600 (MS-1682) DM
MSI CX623 (MS-168A) DM
MSI EX630 (MS-1671) DM
MSI FR700 (MS-1751) DM
MSI FX700 (MS-1751) DM
MSI GE600 (MS-1675) DM
MSI GT660 (MS-16F1) DM
MSI GT740 (MS-1727) AM
MSI GT740 (MS-1727) DM
MSI GT-780 (MS-1761) DM
MSI GX630 (MS-1652) DM
MSI GX660 (MS-16F1) DM
MSI GX-780 (MS-1761) DM
MSI M675 (MS-1633) DM Chinese
MSI M677 (MS-1633) DM Chinese
MSI U100 (MS-N011) DM
MSI U130 (MS-N014) DM
MSI U135 (MS-N014) DM
MSI U150 (MS-N051) DM
MSI U160 (MS-N051) DM
MSI U230 (MS-1243) DM
MSI VR220 (MS-1228) DM
MSI VR601 (MS-163C) AM Chinese
MSI VR602 (MS-163N) AM Chinese
MSI VR602 (MS-163N) DM Chinese
MSI Wind U200 (MS-1242) DM
MSI Wind U210 (MS-1241) DM
MSI X340 (MS-1352) AM
MSI X340 (MS-1352) DM
*AM - Assembly Manual
*DM - Disassembly Manual
*DO - Disassembly Overview
*ED - Exploded Diagram
*EV - Exploded View
*FRU - Field Replaceable Unit Documentation
*HMM - Hardware Maintenance Manual
*MM - Maintenance Manual
*MM-r - Maintenance Manual (Replacement Procedures only)
*MSG - Maintenance and Service Guide
*RM - Repair Manual
*SG - Service Guide
*SM - Service Manual
*SO - Service Overview
*SRM - Service and Reference Manual
*SS - Service Source
*STG - Service and Troubleshooting Guide
*TR - Technical Reference, (Technical Guide)