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Are you looking for a laptop manual? You are in the right place! has the largest collection of laptop service and users manuals. You can download your manual day and night, 24/7.

Laptop, Notebook Service, Repair, Disassembly Manuals

If you want to upgrade or fix your laptop by yourself you need a service manual. The information included in service manuals varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, however all service manuals give at least the basic information about how to disassemble your laptop and replace defective parts. For each download in this category we charge $5.99.

Laptop, Notebook Users, Owners, Instruction Manuals

If you want to learn how to use your laptop more productively download a Users Manual. It also gives general information about your laptop, in most cases it includes software configuration and troubleshooting information, it teaches you how to connect external devices etc. For each download in this category we charge $5.98.

Downloading is easy

• Find the document you want and click on "Buy Now" button .
• Pay securely using PayPal
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Inside PayPal you can choose one of the following payment options:

If for any reason the "File Download" doesn't work send us an e-mail and we'll provide the link from where you will be able to download easily or we'll email you the file itself. Most of the original manuals are in PDF format wrapped in ZIP archive, however you might download a manual in HTM, CHM and in some other popular file formats.
If we will not hear from you during 7 days after the payment we will assume that you have successfully downloaded the manual you have paid for and no further assistance will be provided. If you'll loose your manual after 7 days you have to make a new purchase to download it again.


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